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Advanced study (50 hr): Mastering your teaching skills with Léah Kline

0 / 25 | € 635,25
16 maart 2020 09:00 - 17:30 UUR
Advanced study (50 hr):...
0 / 25 | € 635,25
16 maart 2020 09:00 - 17:30 UUR
Léah  ...
les wordt gegeven doorLéah Kline
16 maart 2020 09:00 - 17:30 UUR
0 / 25 | € 635,25

In this advanced study, inspiring yoga teacher Léah Kline gives you a firm grounding in bettering your teaching skills.

Ready to move from sounding like your teacher, to sounding like yourself?
It’s time to refine your teaching skills!
This course offers you a well rounded next step to Adding Yoga Philosophy to your lessons, Making Themes, Alignment, Adjusting, Being creative with your words and cues.
See your students from the teacher's point of view instead of the student you were in your 200+ hour teacher trainings, learn to be clear & precise in your words and creative in your guidance.

What to expect

Learn how to:
- Find and Share inspiring quotes during your Opening or Savasana ( to spark a sense of Unity and open heartedness)
- Use speaking formulas to find your true Authentic message ( without sounding like someone else).
- Find your personal style, your source of inspiration to make lessons from.
- Expand your Vocabulary ( to say the same thing 20 different ways) learn to improvise
- Theme your classes ( from a quote or one of the six common qualities see below)
- Learn cueing formulas to weave your theme into a lesson
- Apply 15 standard manual Adjustments( to support a theme)
- Stimulate your Creative Mind ( to learn to improvise and adjust to what is actually happening in the classroom instead of what you planned)
- learn about loops and spirals in the body and how they can help you adjust/ assist the energetic direction of the student’s asana.


- Heart Energy
Expanding. Shoulder loop, heart openers, theming and speaking from your heart.

- Strength
Power, stability. Muscular energy, drawing in up. Being, theming and guiding with confidence and power.

- Divine Balance and integration
Breath, rib cage, kidney loop, the philosophy of balance, drawing to the center, finding balance. Balance poses, balance as a theme. Ribs and kidneys.

- Teaching with opposites
Power & Grace within yourself. Flowing. Using contrasts to teach. The how versus What.

- Swirling, circular energy
Tapping into the energy that holds you together. Loops & Spirals. Twists, safe knees and elbows. Learning the spirals in arms and legs and tapping into the energetic direction of poses. Flowing and improvising.

- Rooting and grounding
Seated poses & assists, quieting the nervous system and the room.

Why theme a class?
A yoga class theme can be anything that helps narrow the focus for your yoga class and enriches the experience of your students. It could be a teaching point, alignment cue, poem or song, positive emotion, or a lesson from yoga philosophy. A theme will be most potent if it is something that YOU are excited about. Instead of choosing an abstract theme, something concrete that includes something for your students to practice during class will make your theme relevant.

Yoga class themes are like a thread that creates form and structure for the class. They help to narrow the focus so that the teacher is not tempted to share everything they know in one class, thereby potentially overwhelming their students. Themes are a great way for yoga instructors to share the deeper aspects of yoga in their classes by building the class around a philosophical concept or a specific feeling.

The key to creating powerful themes for your yoga classes is to honor your passions, interests, and talents. Some yoga instructors are very technical and love to share what they know about the human body. For these yoga teachers, the plan for their yoga class might center around the actions of a specific muscle and it’s antagonist or the natural curvature of the spine.

Other yoga teachers are drawn to the challenge of difficult poses and love to help people achieve things they didn’t know they could do. These yoga teachers will often choose a challenging pose as the peak pose to center the class around and perhaps an uplifting idea to inspire their students to work towards it.

Another approach is for the teacher who is fascinated by the great mysteries of the universe and the deep philosophy behind the practice of yoga. This teacher might choose a verse from the yoga sutras or another ancient text to anchor their class plan. Many teachers are inspired by more than one aspect of yoga, so you —don’t need to limit yourself to one approach.

> See here a video from Léah Kline about this advanced study.

Dates: March 16 - 20th 2020
Price: € 525,- ex VAT / € 635,25 inc VAT.
Time: 09:00 - 17:30 hr 

This study is primarily in  English, but Léah speaks fluent Dutch.

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