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Mini-dosing ceremony with Merel

€ 75,00
02 februari 2024 18:45 - 22:30 UUR
Mini-dosing ceremony wi...
€ 75,00
02 februari 2024 18:45 - 22:30 UUR
Merel M...
les wordt gegeven doorMerel Meessen
02 februari 2024 18:45 - 22:30 UUR
€ 75,00

Mini-dosing Ceremony

In this ceremony you will be able to experience a very small dose of psilocybin truffles together with ceremonial cacao. We combine the plant medicine with breath work, deep yin poses, gentle movement, live music and mantra singing. In this safe and sacred setting you can experience how the psilocybin truffles can help you journey deeper into yourself, open up your path and embody your true nature.

After the ceremony there will be some organic vegan food and warm tea for grounding before you go home.

About mini-dosing

We are working with a mini-dose, which is a little higher than a microdose of psilocybin. The dose is served in a way that you have your own agency to take as much or as little of the truffles as you want in the moment.

The sensitivity to psilocybin is different for every body. The beautiful thing about psilocybin is that its effects are tailor-made to what you need: you can trust that whatever comes, is what is most beneficial to your growth and health at that time. That means that some people will be able to dive into a subtle psychedelic journey within, while others will experience only mild physical sensations.

Psilocybin is very safe. There is no toxicity, no harm to the body and no possibility for overdosing. However, there are some cases when taking psilocybin is advised against: see below at “contra-indications”.

Psilocybin as a teacher

Psilocybin truffles are plant medicine “teachers”, which is very different from a recreational drug. One of its effects is that it makes you feel more consciously what is already present. Any journey with plant medicine can bring both beautiful experiences and challenging moments. This is why a ceremony is an appropriate setting for psilocybin as there is loving guidance and music to support you to navigate your inner world in both the beautiful and challenging parts. This way you are more likely to take true value from the experience.

About the facilitator

The ceremony is facilitated by Merel Maria Meessen. She is a plant medicine worker, breath worker, yoga teacher and nonviolent communication trainer. Merel has worked with psilocybin for over 15 years and guides high-dose ceremonies and Vision Walks with psilocybin. She also offers 4-week microdosing journeys in the school and ceremony-integration coaching. 

Contra-indications (when not to take psilocybin)

If any of the indications below apply to you, please let us know in advance of the ceremony. The facilitator is happy to talk with you and offer advice.

Do not mini-dose if:
- You are pregnant or breastfeeding
- You take anti-depressants (in this case you cannot join our ceremony as this is not an appropriate setting for this combination. But you can discuss with your doctor about microdosing under personal medical guidance).
- You have had a psychosis or have bipolar disorder
- You have a severe anxiety (with mild anxiety or mild depression, psilocybin can be supportive, but please consult your doctor or therapist in advance)
- You have suicidal thoughts
- You use lithium carbonate medicine (Lithium)
- You suffer from paranoia or suspicion 

Are you in doubt whether one of these indications apply to you, then please let us know by sending an email to: 
The facilitator Merel will contact you to discuss possibilities.

Date: Friday 2 February, 2024
Time: 18.45 - 22.30 hr
Place: De Nieuwe Yogaschool, Amsterdam
Price: 75,00