"De yogales begint pas echt op het moment dat je van de mat afstapt"

De Nieuwe Yogaschool, een plek in Amsterdam voor Yoga en Meditatie. Het is onze ambitie om een ambiance te creëren
waarbinnen jij jezelf op een veilige en prettige manier kunt ontwikkelen.
Jou iets gelukkiger maken, dat is ons doel!


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“De yogales begint pas echt op het moment dat je van de mat afstapt”
Prana Vinyasa
with Andrew Mc Auley
Friday february 27th
€ 30,-

Andrew McAuley De Nieuwe Yogaschool

MasterClass Prana Vinyasa with Andrew Mc Auley

Prana Vinyasa Andrew McAuley

DNYS welcomes Prana Flow® Master Teacher Andrew McAuley to teach an exciting, all levels Masterclass.

Prana Flow® is an energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga cultivated by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective of Teachers. Students of all levels are empowered to experience prana - the universal source of breath, life-energy and conscious intelligence - as the navigating source of yoga practice and vital living.

Join Andrew McAuley and community as you enter into an exploratorium of Bhumi - the healing power of the earth - rhythmically flowing through an evolutionary elemental series of grounding vinyasas, fortifying standing poses, and stabilizing hip-openers, in which we’ll dig deep into this earth-based sadhana focused around Visvamittrasana, and set the solid foundation for our experience of the Prana Vinyasa™ Movement Alchemy™ System.

Bhumi refers to the fertile soil of the earth, and in Buddhism, Bhumi is described as the main witness to our embodiment on the Path. The earth of our body is the living testament to our participation in life, and it reveals to us many truths about the quality of the relationship between inner and outer experiences. Especially in this sedentary, [im-]"mobile" age we live in, we can find ourselves easily stagnant, no longer engaging in the ritual flow, and out of rhythmic harmony with life, which leaves us feeling unsteady and on shaky ground.

Being the most basic of all elements, the earth connects us to our primal intelligence, our most basic instinct. The earth of our body calls us back to our roots - our most fundamental, essential truth, which is rich with hidden treasures. As Movement Alchemists, we must learn to till the soil of our bodily awareness and create fertility where there once was thought to be only dryness and desolation; to sift through the sediment and seek to find the gold nuggets. The ritual of vinyasa is a great tool to help us deconstruct the established stories that have been obligatorily placed ontop of the precious brilliance that resides deep within. When we embody Bhumi, we become the “Salt of the Earth” - happily hardworking, delightedly sensual, undoubtedly reliable, capable of seeing the value of ALL things. Life is a sacred training and requires of us to savor the sustaining power of the earth. If you keep tilling the soil, eventually you smooth out the rough, static structure of your hardened awareness, and you find the fertile soil from which new life can tenderly and attentively rise.

Date: Friday February 27th.

Tijd: 19.00 - 21.30
Prijs: 30 EUR
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